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Constructing Effective Teams

Paper Scrapers is a fun, structured, and highly engaging small team experience that enables the exploration of individual and team approaches to project development, design, and implementation. From the simulation, participants learn the value of creativity, planning and execution and they experience the challenge of selling and marketing a project to other groups.

Watch Video on Paper Scrapers

Paper Scrapers is an engaging team-building simulation that explores project development, design, and implementation. Teams compete against one another to design, build, and market a tower using supplied materials. After construction, teams present their structures and choose the one that best meets the specified criteria. Participants learn the value of creating, planning, implementing, and selling their team’s respective project.


  • Reinforces the value of team problem-solving and collaboration

  • Teaches the value of diverse contributions from team members

  • Creates opportunities for individuals and groups to stretch themselves creatively

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